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Friday OUTDOORS & Saturday ONLINE

Strength & Stamina

Originally called Fit For A Fiver, which started as a successful twice a week bootcamp in Carlisle Park, Hampton. During Covid-19 restriction easing I decided that my bootcamp could be adapted to a smaller space (which was my garden) and still provide the workout session that was being enjoyed by the Fit For A Fiver attendees but on a more frequent basis.

As 2020 progressed Fit For A Fiver became also a successful online exercise session and has remained so every Saturday at 8am. 

Its a workout that rivals any earlier bootcamp that I provided and you will feel the benefits and the results from working out both in a group and online - there really is nothing that can compare to the satisfaction of the after workout endorphin high that comes from being part of workout. 

Booking is required - the rest is just an exercise mat, water, enthusiasm and a smile - Sat sessions some equipment required, dumbbells are perfect but if you don't have any, then contact me for some ideas.

It really IS a quick blast to get you going for the rest of the day!

For those of you who still want a Bootcamp style session and live close to TW12 then every friday we gather in a local part and get moving - its fun, will push you and challenge that heart rate, not to mention theres always a giggle to be had.

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