Having ignored my fitness for too long I nervously attended Fit For A Fiver almost a year ago & I loved it! Angelica is so personable & professional. The sessions are always varied & suit different fitness levels & abilities, they are challenging & motivating. We also laugh lots which helps! Feeling inspired by these sessions I booked some 1-2-1 sessions with Angelica which again showed me how excellent she is at her job. She encourages me and whilst not taking me beyond my capabilities, she always knows when to push me a bit harder. My fitness levels have definitely increased, and as well as feeling stronger and more energised, I now know the importance of form and completing exercises correctly as Angelica always takes time to explain this. I would highly recommend all the services provided by AVLiveFitt!

Frances O'Farrell - 1-2-1 Personal Training & Fit For A Fiver Attendee.


My favourite time of the week! Every workout is different so never boring but always a good challenge. Being outdoors in all seasons is more invigorating than I would have imagined! The life chat during classes is an added bonus and makes the hour race by. Angelica puts in a lot of effort to change up the routine and equipment. Her energy is infectious! Great value for money and you’re guaranteed to leave with aching legs but still smiling :)

Rochelle Smulders - Fit For A Fiver Attendee.


Such a great class and a bunch of girls and guys! Angelica is a really enthusiastic and Carlisle Park is a great spot and even the rain doesn't put me off her classes.

Sarah Rouse - Fit For A Fiver Attendee.


I avoided exercise for years as previous experiences like 5.30am boot camp or shouty generic trainers had put me off. I started with Angelica twice a week one to one and even though we took it at my pace it was always fun, if I couldn’t do it or didn’t like the move she had an alternative right away. I have painful arthritis but she put me at ease and this helped me progress faster than I have before. I couldn’t lunge 5 months ago but now I do her FFAF classes weekly and I burpee, press up and squat and really enjoy it! I’ve lost 34lbs and had to buy the same pair of trousers 3 times in a smaller size each time. I’m stronger and happier too which is the main thing. I couldn’t have done it with out her.


I completely love Angelica’s class. I go twice a week and have done for about 8 months. Come rain or shine we always have such a laugh and it’s an incredible workout. She really mixes up the exercises so you get a full body workout and often changes the format so she keeps us guessing and on our toes. I was never one for group exercising before but I’m totally sold now! I feel super healthy and have definitely lost weight and am so much more toned too. I totally recommend the class. It’s pay as you go too so completely convenient. 10 out of 10! Thanks Angelica 😘!

Abby Watts - Fit For A Fiver Attendee.


I have been going to Fit for a Fiver for a year and I love it! I hate the gym and am prone to procrastinating but I look forward to Angelica’s classes every week. It’s fun, the exercises are varied and Angelica has managed to get me running. Being outdoors no matter what the weather is a great way to start the day. I have rediscovered muscles I thought had disappeared and have dropped 2 dress sizes! If you’re looking for a new way to get fit and have fun, come and try Fit for a Fiver - you won’t regret it!

Vanessa Meehan - Fit For A Fiver Attendee.